Impact of shark tank on India

Due to this digital era wherein we are having flexibility of consuming content anywhere, anytime and across various mediums, our relationship with television was changed lately until Shark Tank India started streaming on Sony TV at prime time of 9 PM. In the year 2009, the very first season of Shark Tank was aired in the US. After 13 successful seasons, it arrived in India in 2021 and within only 2 months, it has brought revolutionary and much needed changes to the Indian society. 

From only few people being aware of pitching and raising external investment for the startups, Shark Tank has brought topics like valuation, investment, gross margin, D2C, pitching to the dining table conversations with 10 years old to 80 years old talking about the same. 

This reality show has changed the way people perceive the startup culture. Unlike the usual reality shows which are a competition for a trophy & reward, this show is based on the real ideas of the common man where every idea is different from the other. It’s not only about attractive pitches and funding, but also how sharks react to a particular idea and what suggestions they have for them that catch interest of people while watching this show. So, this show is basically a combination of entertainment with lessons and teaching which sustains the audience and makes them to plunge into the various interesting stories of entrepreneurs. It has made Indians realize that the problems they think don’t even exist have the potential of becoming a business opportunity. 

In some interviews, the Sharks have stated that after the first season, there will be significantly improved pitch quality in subsequent seasons as pitchers will not only gain an understanding of how it works but they will also feel much more confident about going on national television and discussing their innovative business ideas. 

This show has the ability to inspire mass entrepreneurship because there are roughly 500 million people between the ages of 15 and 44. In India, most children are raised with a conservative attitude stating the advice that they should choose a secured career over pursuing entrepreneurship. With Shark Tank India contributing to the growth and evolution of the startup ecosystem, the country should see a shift in mentality and significant cultural shift. 

Besides, the show has also given viewers a true idea of today’s real heroes. Sharks are persons who have been successful in filling a gap in the market with their unique ideas, have given best returns of their investments and are admired by people all around the country. Moreover, these sharks invest money for good cause as well. Due to them, Indian parents tell their children that they may be the next Peyush Bansal and Vineeta Singh of our nation. For a country like India, this is a significant cultural shift. The impact of shark tank is not limited only to the general people of country but also to the entrepreneurs who got chance to pitch in front of the sharks. After their episode being aired, their products have been in demand, revenue has increased immensely and they also have become popular. This pitching chance has turned out as a golden opportunity for startups to establish their brand value and strong positioning in the market. 

Shark Tank is trending on the internet and anyone who is currently on social media will know how much of an influence it is making on the country’s youth. You must be surprised that Shark Tank India’s meme templates were downloaded more than 60,000 times in January! Through content power, this show has the ability to drive behavioral change among a young untapped population.

As the show ended last month, it has sparked a lot of discussion and important matters and it will be interesting to see how long its influence will last.

Here are some rising fun facts of entrepreneurial wave of India:

Shark Tank India, they received 62000+ applications and shortlisted 198 startups to pitch to Sharks. Out of all the pitches, only 67 were able to raise the capital. 

Sharks have invested total of Rs. 41.2 Crores in startups out of which Mr. Aman Gupta invested the highest i.e. 9.1 Crores.

Out of 198 pitches… 

How can we forget meme dump? Here it is…

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