Economic Viability Report

What is Economic Viability Report?

Objective of Economic Viability study is to determine the economic and financial viability of the project, assess the risks associated with the project based on the technical and financial information of the project.
This study is a form of study to alleviate any risks related to a project and provide the lender / investor an understanding to make a more informed decision. Typically, all the banks and financial institutions perform this study in order to make decisions on lending the money which will help them assess the degree of risk associated in a project.
This study takes into account an analysis of market risk, economical risk, and financial risk.

Management Evaluation

Evaluation of “Memorandum and Articles of Association” will be carried out to analyze the management’s expertise and competence to handle the project. Along with that corporate plan, project report and banker’s report of the company will be analyzed.

Analytical Report

Commercial Evaluation

Industry Scenario of the proposed project will be analyzed along with the supply and demand for the product / service.
Pricing of the product and its potential in the market will be analyzed.

Financial Viability

Evaluation of Financial viability of the project based on the financial projections, profitability analysis, Break Even analysis, Internal Rate of Return calculation etc.

Economic Viability

For economic evaluation of the project, social cost benefit analysis of the projects will be analyzed to realize the inherent strength of the project.

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