Due Diligence Report

What is Due Diligence?

Due Diligence is an investigation or audit of a potential investment to confirm all facts, that might include the review of financial records. It refers to the research done before entering into an agreement or a financial and operational transaction with another party.
As part of our Transaction Advisory Services, we provide Due Diligence report which will guide prospective investors / management to make sure that they have the required information they need to proceed with the transaction. It is used to investigate and evaluate a business opportunities and risks. It provides insights into hidden facts, it is sent as an internal document to investors or the management who are evaluating the transaction.

What Due-Diligence Report includes?


Company and Industry details with Business Model analysis

Financial Due Diligence

With an objective analysis of the economic situation of the company and ensure that one can understand their financial indicators. We prepare the analysis of financial statements, analysis of revenues and expenses, including the structure of receivables and liabilities and an overview of relevant transactions with related parties. We adjust our services according to client specific needs and the field of the business.

Legal Due Diligence

Legal Due Diligence

In which, we identify potential and existing legal defects, prepare and review key contractual documents, review ongoing legal disputes, and also review agreements with suppliers and key business partners, including a review of labor contracts and other documents relating to employees.

Tax Due Diligence

In which, we focus on general tax issues, including a way of accounting and tax payments. We will further provide client with analysis and comments on the decisions of the Tax Administrator, an analysis of corporate income tax, including transactions with related parties, and identify any potential risks arising from these transactions.

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