Business Reports

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We prepare Business reports for the purpose of problem solving which includes financial position of the company, environment analysis, market analysis and strategy formation, valuation methodologies that are very clearly explained and supportable in the event of a challenge and can be referred to determine the real value of a business. They are meant to provide overall business analysis.
Business reports are an efficient, convenient way of communicating important information. They can be used as tools for financial statement analysis, monitoring growth, measuring progress as progress reports, evaluating performance, tracking problems and finding business solutions which are logically driven and practically plausible.
Analytical Report

Analytical Report

Analytical report is combination of up-to-date company profile, current and future financial standing of the company, valuation methodologies that are very clearly explained and supportable in the event of a challenge and can be referred to determine the real value of a business.

Due Diligence Report

Due Diligence

Due Diligence report aims to guide prospective investors to make sure that they have the required information they need to proceed with the transaction. It is used to investigate and evaluate a business opportunities and risks.

yardstick report

Yardstick Report

The term yardstick is used in reference to anything which serves as a test or standard of measurement, comparison or judgment. A yardstick report is one that looks at multiple solutions to a single problem.

detail project report

Detailed Project Report

A Detailed Project Report can be termed as a mirror of any business. It contains information relating to its promoters, business model, operations, past and projected financial performance.

sectoral report

Sectoral Report

Sectoral report, also known as sectorial analysis, is a statistical analysis of the size, demographic, pricing, competitive, and other economic dimensions of a sector of the economy.

Feasibility Report

Feasibility Report

Feasibility Reports is developed to scrutinize the viability of the proposed venture or project. Feasibility study ensures that projects are technically and legally possible, and are economically justified.

Economic Viability Studies

Economic Viability Studies

Objective of Economic Viability study is to determine the economic and financial viability of the project, assess the risks associated with the project based on the technical and financial information of the project.

Strategic,Operational Report

Strategic,Operational Report

Strategic & Operational report is a highly effective way of setting, understanding, meeting and exceeding organizational goals on a long-term basis, usually developed for senior-level management and focused on high-level metrics.

These reports will help to make valuable and reliable decisions, and will assist you in the following aspects mentioned as under

Buying/ Selling a business

Selling share/part of a business

Getting a business loan

Investors pitching

Partnership Buyouts/ Disputes

Bankruptcy, liquidation or restructuring

Business expansion

Market analysis and identification of opportunities

Increasing efficiency

Project Feasibility